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Manomay Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturer and Trader of Garden Pipes

Manomay Innovations Private Limited (‘Company) is a private Limited company duly registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (CIN No : U25209MP2021PTC057120).

Head office of The company is situated in the city of Bhopal in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The company is engaged in the business of PVC pipes particularly Garden Pipes and related products. We manufacture (OEM) Garden pipes of various classes and dimensions.

Our products find application in irrigation, drainage, housing, and sanitation. Company is having experienced team of engineers, executives and human resources to deliver quality products at reasonable prices with enhanced customer satisfaction.


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The goal of the company is to build up an ecosystem of excellent products and innovative technologies and make a success of them as to be the apex!!. We value integrity, transparency and excellent worth ethics and it has been the core of all of the businesses we conduct.

Why we are the Best

We aim that our each and every product delivers and meets the upmost customer satisfaction.

Available in various colours
Flexible in Nature
High Strength

मनोमय मित्र

Manomay Innovations Private Limited was founded by its promoter with the motive to encourage people to start their own business and earn profits rather than depending on their minimal salary and uncertain job.

Company is not only intending to earn profits for its own but also intends that youth of this country who is highly skilled, efforts and talent of such youth people should not be exploited, therefore Manomay Innovations offers opportunity to youth to engage with the company and sell the products manufactured (OEM) by the company and get remunerated in the form of monetary benefits.

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