आपत्काले तु संप्राप्ते यन् मित्रं मित्रमेव तत् ।
वृद्धिकाले तु संप्राप्ते दुर्जनोऽपि सुहृद् भवेत् ॥

मनुष्य के विपत्ति के समय जो मित्र उसकी मदद करे ,वही उसका सच्चा मित्र होता है ।
अच्छे समय में तो दुर्जन मनुष्य भी अच्छे मित्र बन जाते है ।सच्चे मित्र की पहचान तो विपत्ति के समय में होती है ।

The term ‘Manomay Mitra’ is developed by Mr. Shashank Pareek, Founder Director of company.

Manomay Mitra includes people associated/engaged with the company for marketing and promotion of the products of the company.

Manomay Innovations Private Limited was founded by its promoter with the motive to encourage people to start their own business and earn profits rather than depending on their minimal salary and uncertain job.

Manomay Innovations Private Limited provides opportunity to people to be designated as ‘Manomay Mitra’ and provide agreed financial incentives on products sold by them.

Company is not only intending to earn profits for its own but also intends that youth of this country who is highly skilled, efforts and talent of such youth people should not be exploited, therefore Manomay Innovations offers opportunity to youth to engage with the company and sell the products manufactured (OEM) by the company and get remunerated in the form of monetary benefits.


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